US Customs Bond

Type 2 – Custodian of Bonded Merchandise

The Activity Code 2 Custodian of Bonded Merchandise Customs Bond is a type of bond that covers the custodial activities bonded merchandise warehouses, container stations, cartman and carriers. In other words if you are moving or holding cargo that has not cleared US Customs you need a type 2 bond to do so legally.

The Actions Needed to apply:

Action 1 – If you wish to operate as a bonded carrier / transporter of bonded goods the first step to obtain a SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code).  This can be obtained the NMFTA (National Motor Freight Traffic Association) at
Action 2 – Before applying for the bond, companies must first obtain authorization from the local customs port. Please visit to find your local port. Please note below normal requirements from US Customs

  • A letter on your letterhead stating your operational overview and your intent to operate as a bonded carrier or warehouse
  • Included details about your business, address, warehouse size, number of trucks etc…
  • Articles of Incorporation & list of corporate officers
  • Finally include certify that the information is factual set forth

Once approved CBP will send a confirmation letter and the required bond amount.
Action 3 – At this time, you can apply for the bond required through NETbonds. We will require our application filled out and a company financial statement to accompany the app.