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Be connected directly with the vessel & get real-time updates with auto notifications of sailings, arrivals & delays.


NETbonds AIS System

NETbonds AIS tracking (Automatic Identification System) is one of the most advanced tracking systems available. Using VTS (vessel traffic service) in combination with GPS (Global Positioning Systems) our AIS enables you to know the exact sailing date and with combined cross data filtration it increases our accuracy of the position of your cargo.

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Trust & Ease of Use

NETbonds Track and Trace AIS make our competitors systems totally antiquated. The saying goes “the tracking system is only as good as the person managing it” is the antiquated way. With real-time automatic vessel updates integrated with, you are always informed of your shipments.

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NETbonds Added Value

Our Track & Trace is one of many added value services we offer. Our goal is to give our clients every advantage available and our track and trace is a major part of this. Our system helps improve forecasting, receiving plans and inventory controls. We take the guessing out and give a reliable 2020 system built for the modern importer.

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