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ISF filing – for direct importers, freight forwarders or customs brokers, our web based platform enables easy access file with US Customs.
Customs Bonds – By developing our online application we save time & with our volume of transactions; we can pass the savings onto our clients & partners.
Customs Brokerage – By having one integrated system, our entries can be filed faster as all the data entry is already done through the ISF. Which lowers our time spent and your cost.
Freight Forwarding – Our agent NETwork is based on personal and family relationships.
FMC Bonds – In addition to servicing Freight Forwarders, we can handle their FMC OTI and NVOCC bonds too. OUr volume translates to savings for our partners.

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ISF filing
Customs Bonds
Customs Brokerage
Freight Forwarding
FMC Bonds

Import Security Filings 10+2

There are 10 data elements file to file ISF.
1. AMS (Automated Manifest System) SCAC (Standard Carrier Alpha Code)
2. The AMS Bill of Lading number
3. IOR (Importer of Record)
4. Consignee Number (EIN/SSN/CBP#)
5. Ship to Party
6. Manufacturer/Supplier, name and address
7. Country of Origin
8. Commodity HTS (1st 6 digits only required)
9. Container Stuffing Location, name and address
10. Consolidator name and address

ISF Type 1 – Commercial / Regular

Covers regular commercial shipments. A bond must be attached to the filing, the consignee number can have a $10,000 single transaction bond issued or the consignee number can have a continuous bond already in place.

ISF Type 3 – Personal Effects

Covers household goods & personal effects. This means, goods that you already own. It does not apply to goods you are purchasing for personal use. This type of filing needs no bond attached to it.

ISF Type 5 – Diplomatic

This type covers diplomatic shipments. This type of filing needs no bond attached to it.

ISF Type 11- Informal

This type covers informal shipment. Informal ISF is classified as goods being under the value of $2500.
01 Section 321 Shipments Total value under $200
02 Informal Shipments Total value $2,000 or less 03 General Note 3(e) Shipments See note below:

Note for Sub-type 01: Waste, garbage and textile shipments are not generally eligible for usage of the “Section 321” clearance and therefore are not eligible for this sub-code on the ISF.

Note for Sub-type 02: Quota entries valued at $250 or more are generally not eligible for informal entry status and therefore are not eligible for this sub-code on the ISF.

Note for Sub-type 03: The General Note 3(e) exemptions include:
– Corpses and accompanying coffins and flowers; – Undeliverable articles returned within 45 days and which have remained in the custody of the carrier or foreign customs service; – Aircraft parts or equipment removed from U.S. registered aircraft in international traffic because of accident, breakdown or emergency and returned within 45 days of removal.

ISF Type 1 + Bond

When a shipment is over the value of $2500 and the importer doesn’t have a continuous bond on file, an ISF bond needs to accompany the filing on the ISF. The bond value is $10,000 which is based on the maximum fine US Customs can issue per single ISF.
At NETbonds we are here to help this kind of importer by providing access through our integrated ABI software interface.

ISF Packages.

File your first ISF in record time and get faster with every file by using our platform’s smart database. Take advantage of our fully online filing system that is easy to learn and is built to save you time.

As many ISF’s as you need. The more you file the more you save.

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