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US Customs Bond
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All fees associated with filing your bond are 100% included
Our US Customs Bond application online service is for $50K bonds. We do service higher valued bonds but only off line through our long from application. If you have a bond already in place and you want to switch to our service, we need to advise US Customs a minimum of 10 business to terminate your current bond. If you don't have a bond in place already, it takes us 7-10 business days to have your new bond on file. We have a 100% satisfaction from our current clients. Our business model is based on repeat business and keeping our clients costs LOW.

ISF 10+2
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Our ISF program is your direct link to US Customs through our ABI (Automated Broker Interface) system. Why pay $30.00 or $40 or even $50.00 for filing your ISF to your Customs Broker or Freight Forwarder? We know the importer knows their freight best and our system allows them to take control and file for only $5.00. Once you open your account your information is safe and secure. Our system remembers your information, so refilling new shipments from repeat suppliers gets easier and easier. Join the online revolution and file your ISF online today.

ISF Bond & ISF 10+2
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If your company does not have a continuous bond on file with US Customs you cannot file using our internet system (which provides a direct link and response from US Customs within minutes).  However, we can issue a single ISF bond and file the ISF on your behalf if you do not want to file for a customs bond but still need to file an ISF in compliance with US Customs.

Customs Clearance Services
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NETbonds and PFC (PFC International Inc, Licensed Customs Broker) have been partners for many years and now we are very pleased that PFC is officially our in-house customs brokerage firm. NETbonds will now be able to provide all of our clients this value added service. We want to continue our philosophy of offering straight forward and fair pricing. No hidden costs and no made up fees!

Freight Quote
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We are freight brokers that contract freight forwarding and trucking services through our network of preferred freight forwarders and trucking companies. There are thousands for freight forwarders in the world today and we know which are the best ones from every country and who services AIR and OCEAN the best. For trucking, we have alliances with several national carriers but also we use local carriers for local jobs. Our goal is provide the best service at the best price. Our quote turnaround time is 24 hours and we hope to service your company.

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