LCL Shipping from Europe & China Driven by Design

Our consolidation service is focused on LCL (less than container load) goods that need extra care & service. Our hub is based in Milan, Italy where we consolidate goods throughout Europe. Italy is the creative hub of design & our agents are the extensions of NETbonds.

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NETbonds LCL Makes Your Supply Chain Better

NETbonds LCL European network gives you the confidence that your product will arrive without damage. Our pickups in Italy are not outsourced but done through our in-house network. That’s why the most prominent dealers in Los Angeles and New York of fine European furniture trust our service. We deal with every major Italian furniture, Kitchen and Bath manufacture via our LCL service.

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NETbonds Fast Boat Service

Europe to NY/NJ with 10 days transit time. With air freight pricing out of control & longer transit times because no passengers are flying, NETbonds offers our own ocean consolidation with fast boat service.

We load in Milan, Italy and sail to NY/NJ every Tuesday with a 10 days transit time. Our fast boat contends with current air freight standards at a fraction of the cost. Contact us to find out more details and ship with the new normal.

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Empower your Pricing, know your freight costs without surprises

NETbonds prides itself on clear pricing & our client knowing what they’ll pay and having no surprise bills. We also try to limit the number of fees, as we also hate the laundry list of charges most forwarders charge. Get a quote online, it fast, easy and competitive.

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Shanghai – LA Fast Boat Service

NETbonds offers premier service from Shanghai to LA in 10 days LCL. Sailing are every Wednesday and CFS cut off is Monday @ noon. We use Matson service and that they own their own terminal in LA, enables us to retrieve freight from the port in 2-3 days for LCL cargo. This can save over 7 days of transit compared to the traditional LCL shanghai service. We also have options to use this service from Guangzhou and Qingdao, contact us for more details.

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Faster LCL from Europe to NJ & CA

NETbonds consolidation service from Europe to our warehouse hubs in Los Angeles and S. New Jersey is better and faster because our containers only contain NETbonds clientele. This ensures that only verified importers are shipping and by having only NETbonds customers in our containers it cuts down on exams plus our faster processing time which gives our clients the edge in getting their shipment faster. Shipping with NETbonds is not only the economical choice but it is the smart choice. Take advantage of everything we have to offer!

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