ISF Packages

As many ISFs as you need. One great Price.

The Ultimate Service for Freight Forwarders or frequent Importers

What’s included in ISF Packages?

Build your own database
Built in log of all ISFs filed
ISFs are emailed to you

As many ISF’s as you need, choose your option:




10 ISFs



100 ISFs



500 ISF



All ISFs are stored in your account by reference #. If you file on your clients behalf, you can save sub-accounts too!

Access to the NETbonds Platform

ISF Types NETbonds offers

ISF Type 1 is a commercial ISF.
ISF Type 1 + bond is a commercial ISF but the importer doesn’t have a continuous bond on file. We therefore issue a single transaction bond against that ISF.
ISF Type 5 is a diplomatic ISF.
ISF Type 11 is an informal ISF. Being informal, the declared cost of the item being imported is below the $2500 threshold.

Why do I need a continuous surety bond?

A Continuous Customs Surety Bond guarantees that all customs duties and penalties assessed and charged by U.S. Customs will be paid by the Importer. The bond is effective for a year and is automatically renewable annually. The Continuous Customs Surety Bond is for a sum of not less than $50,000 or 10% of the total duties paid in previous year.

Do you need to have a bond on file with us customs to file ISF?

If you are importing your personal belongs, goods under diplomatic clearance or goods valued less than $2500 you do not need a bond.
ISF’s filed for all commercial goods over the $2500 value will need to be secured by a bond. A Type 1 – US Customs Continuous bond or a single transaction bonds in the amount of $10,000.00 will be accepted for ISF filings.

What is a surety bond?

A Surety Bond is a contract that’s among at least three parties:
Importer (Principle) – Pays the duty
US Customs (Beneficiary) – Receives the duty
Insurance Co (Surety) – Guarantees the importer pays US Customs

What is an isf 10+2?

ISF stands for Importer Security Filing and the 10+2 stands for the number of requirements US Customs needs to generate the ISF number. The ISF is the method for importers and vessel operating ocean carriers to provide U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) with advance notification for all ocean vessel shipments inbound to the United States.

Money back guarantee?

NETbonds has a simple rule, if we cannot perform the service we will refund your money. If we have not issued the bond and you change your mind, we refund your purchase. If you choose the wrong bond, we will refund or credit it towards the purchase of the right bond, your choice.