ISF—Your ISF (Importer Security Filing) Experts
Our structure is based around streamlining and automating the ISF process.  Our service is web-based, therefore you can file your ISF (Importer Security Filing) anywhere in the world.  NETbonds offer our clientele many service advantages:

  • No contract to sign
  • No hardware or software to download
  • Various pricing plans to meet your goals
  • Results within minutes
  • Confirmations in pdf format
  • Customer Service support

We offer various ISF (Importer Security Filing) services and pricing plans from the one time importer, to the family moving to the USA and shipping their goods by ocean to the commercial importer and freight forwarder or customs broker.  We offer the following Importer Security Filing types:

  • Type 1 – commercial filing (must have a bond on file)
  • Type 3 – personal effects (no bond)
  • Type 5 – Diplomatic (no bond)
  • Type 11 – Informal (values is less than $2500, no bond)

If you are a Customs Broker, 3pl, Distribution facility, large importer or Forwarding agent that needs an easy economical solution for your Importer Security Filing needs, NETbonds provides the solution.  We can offer various solutions solve your ISF needs:

  • Unlimited Filings for $100 per month
  • ISF Lite for filing up to 10 ISF’s per month only $50 per month
  • API, to save time we offer an API setup that allows your system to upload into your data to file the ISF
  • Both our Lite and Unlimited plans cover all ISF’s that we offer.

To find out more about the benefits of our ISF program, call (800) 383-3812 or contact us online. Our professional consultants would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

As freight forwarding brokers and transportation consultants for more than 20 years, NETbonds is proud to service all your ISF needs. Our web based ISF direct service is your gateway to US Customs through our ACE (Automated Commercial Environment) and ABI (Automated Broker Interface) certified software.

Get the Advantage of Our ISF / Importer Security Filing

Our user-friendly ISF software makes it both easy and secure to set up your personal ISF account. Our ISF program lets you create your own data base & we can offer you the option of keeping a continuous customs bond on file. This allows you to automate the process of Importer Security Filing, so that you can spend more time building a successful business and less time worrying about ISF filing requirements.

What is the difference between informal and formal ISF and customs entry?

A Formal entry is for merchandise that exceeds the value of typically $2500. A bond is attached to the formal entry for both formal ISF (type 1) and formal entry. The bond guarantees US Customs payment for any fines, fees or penalties issued for an improper or late ISF & upon entry into the USA the bond guarantees US Customs payment for any fines, fees, penalties & duty owed. An informal ISF is valued at under $2500 and per US Customs rules no bond is necessary. This valuation is carried through to clearance, as a bond is required for entries exceeding the minimum value of $2500 ($250 for textiles).  For more definitive rules on informal entries, please see the following link .

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