FCL (Full Container Load) Shipping

We ship with all major carriers and provide best options for our clients. See why more and more firms are choosing NETbonds to handle their FCL shipments.


Our Global Network, partners you can count on

With our global network of agents worldwide & ocean contracts, our reach aligns with our clients’ needs.
Our platform connects and integrates our customers through the NETbonds Cloud and enhanced AIS Ocean freight tracking.

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End to end visibility

We try and uncomplicate your supply chain through accurate and reliable information. Our service can be from Door to Door, Door to port or just port to port, which ever you require we strive to provide visibility through our website and your NETbonds dedicated Ocean Freight team.

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Always find your shipment in the Netbonds Cloud

The NETbonds cloud is driven through a powerful OCR software to streamline all logistics information in one access point. The integration of search-ability with GPS enabled real-time tracking is included on all incoming shipments as an extension to your logistics hub with our dedicated team of experts

FCL shipping by Sea

NETbonds has contracts with all major ocean carriers either direct or through our agent network. We have all the resources to book your FCL (full container load) at the best price. Check and see equipment types by sea we have to offer.

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One Platform for You and Your Entire Team

From simpler bookings, communication, and collaboration to reporting, insights, and more, our intuitive cloud platform puts everything in one place. So you get control, efficiency, and transparency, and a launchpad for your supply chain.

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