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Integration & Efficiency

NETbonds platform is based on the web and our system being integrated. While NETbonds is not a licensed customs broker. We work with licensed customs brokers to have our importers goods cleared & we integrate our information systems with our customs brokers for clear, concise accurate work. Customs Broker fees are based on time, when we can use our systems for the customs broker to file faster, everyone costs decrease.

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Experience & Trust

Paperless Customs Release in all 50 states, our integrated customs brokerage service gives fast, accurate service. Our knowledgeable team gives you the trust & security that you goods will be classified correctly conforming with all customs regulations. We guide our importers through the whole process, making it easy for you.

Customs consultancy

Dan Shapiro is a licensed customs broker and licensed attorney in the states of Massachusetts and New York. Dan has been practicing in the import/export area for the past 18 years and has dedicated his career to representing importers, freight forwarders and sureties.
If you need advice on customs law from an attorney, Dan Shapiro is a highly recommended resource. Please submit your contact information & Dan will be in touch to hear your case.

Daniel Shapiro
Shapiro & Associates, P.C.
297 Boston Post Road, Suite 241
Wayland, MA 01778
(508) 745-4346

Benefits / Reason Why

The Basics
Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarding have always been two completely different businesses. Custom Broker handle the clearance and freight forwarders handle the logistics. Most companies merge the two as they synergize together to give clients a full package. At NETbonds we are taking that to the next level by integrating our clients into the process.

Do I Need Customs Brokerage?
Customs brokers are licensed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to handle customs business for the trade community. While an importer is not legally required to hire a customs broker, the importer is responsible for filing all paperwork and paying all duties, taxes, fees and charges for an entry.

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