Below is a listing of the bonds we offer along with their associated pricing. Please check this page periodically as pricing is subject to change.
US Customs Bond - Type 1 / Min $50k bond $200.00 / 1YR $569.00 / 2YR $809.00 / 3YR
US Customs Bond - Type 1 / greater than $50k bond $5.20 PER $1000  
Custodian of Bonded Merchandise - Type 2 $1,295.00 $9.75 PER $1000 $12.95 PER $1000
International Carrier Bond - Type 3 $1,295.00 $9.75 PER $1000 $12.95 PER $1000
FMC - Independent Ocean Freight Forwarders
Domestic NVOCC Bond $1,195.00 $15.20 PER $1000 $12.95 PER $1000
Foreign NVOCC Bond $2,235.00 $14.50 PER $1000 $12.95 PER $1000
FMC NVOCC Bond $875.00 $17.50 PER $1000 $12.95 PER $1000
Obtaining Your NVOCC Bond
As a non-vessel operating carrier (NVOCC), the success of your freight consolidation and transport business depends in large part on furnishing the proper NVOCC bond. Since 1998, shipping law has required all ocean transportation intermediaries to submit proof to the Federal Maritime Commission that they can meet financial obligations to both the FMC and to relevant third parties.
Only then can the carrier lawfully consolidate shipments and coordinate the packing, transportation and loading of containers with an ocean carrier. Not having the proper surety or NVOCC bond in the appropriate amount could bring your business to a complete stop.
NETbonds: The NVOCC Experts
At, we know NVOCC bonds. After all, for more than 20 years we have we have operated as international freight and customs brokerage consultants with experience in successful freight forwarding and U.S. customs clearance. When it comes to all things NVOCC, we’re clear on every last detail, from the difference between a House Bill of Lading and a Master Bill of Lading to the difference in requisite posted amounts between a domestic NVOCC bond and a foreign NVOCC bond.
So along with providing NVOCC bonds, we offer a wealth of professional insight. Yet our bond rates are highly competitive. For example, if you’re in the import business, you’ll be pleased to know that pricing of our foreign NVOCC bond starts at just $12.95 to $14.50 per $1,000, depending on the amount of the bond.
Shouldn’t your NVOCC bond come from the NVOCC experts?, is the bond specialists for all your freight forwarding needs. If you have a question, give us a call at 800) 383-3812 or contact us online. 
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