The Benefits of the Continuous Customs Bond

As an importer of goods into the United States, you already know that U.S. Customs requires you to have a customs bond assigned to your import entry. But did you know that you can save time and money by applying for a continuous customs bond? Availing of this type of custom bond can go a long way to expediting recurring customs clearance for the busy importer.

Single Transaction VS Continuous

Many importers have gotten used to conducting single transactions, which means having to go through the process each time they wish to obtain customs clearance. Under the single transaction method, the importer pays a fee based on the value of each shipment per entry. A continuous customs bond on the other hand covers all import entries & ISFfilings annually from the inception date of the bond.

Not surprisingly then, the continuous customs bond offers several advantages that single transaction bonds cannot match. While the minimum cost of a single transaction is $50 or $3.50 per $1,000 each time you import, the continuous customs bond carries a low annual cost (call for quote) - no matter how many times you import.

In addition to saving you money, a continuous customs bond can also save you time. Once it is on file, the submissions process can be automated to expedite customs clearance. Compare this to the single transaction bond, which must be released by an actual customs officer each and every time.

Get the Customs Bond Advantage!

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