NETbonds Cloud Solution

Netbonds Cloud Solutions is simply having your entire shipping history & all transactions available online. All organized and available anytime at your convenience on the NETbonds Cloud, easily searchable with the assistance of our OCR software.

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Maximize Utilization and Savings

Our cloud is the backbone of the client portal. Every pre-alert, invoice, quote, customs bond, ISF and invoice is uploaded and stored within the site. With all your shipping transactions saved, NETbonds cloud give you one access point for everything.

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OCR on NETbonds Cloud

NETbonds OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software powers your search within the cloud. OCR works by converting the scan into a text document. This makes every word & number scanned searchable.

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NETbonds Easy Search

Now you do not need to know how we saved the document to find it as all your internal references become searchable. From style #, to brand name to color code to power supply. All documents easy to find in the NETbonds cloud.

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NETbonds Future

We won’t settle and we are continuing to add features, that will enhance our cloud solution services. We are already on the job and our programmers are working day and night to get new features added. Some of the new features are:

  • NETbonds Analytics, with our analytics being programmed so our customer can pull all data from their shipments and download into customized reports. Our analytics, will help our customer with forecasting and trends.
  • WMS (Warehouse Management System), we are programming our own in-house WMS that will be customizable for integrations through API’s for e-commerce customers or handling traditional cross dock shipments
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