Saving you time and money for over 10 years.


NETbonds has a core group of employees that are loyal and determined to see us succeed. Our mission is to be the best online platform for ISF, Customs Bonds and to keep innovating our platform to be the best support mechanism for our employees and clients. NETbonds is not one person but a team with one vision which is to work, communicate and scale through IT.


NETbonds was established 2007 in Manhattan Beach CA. It started in the laundry room of CEO/Founder of Derk Saltzmann. As a side gig, Derk worked early mornings and late nights on building NETbonds, with Customs Bonds and then ISF. In August 2017, Derk left his main employer to pursue NETbonds full time. Today, two years later; NETbonds has 14 Employees & three locations. We are already the top ecommerce market place for online customs bonds and online ISF. As our team expands, our commitment to great customer service and innovative solutions will only get better. We are seriously looking forward to the future.

Who is our Client? Our clients are our partners.

  • The importer, we are here to use our knowledge and experience to help importers that both new and experienced.
  • The Freight Forwarder, through our ISF platform, Customs Brokerage & Customs Bonds services we are set to seriously lower our partners costs and improve their margins.
  • The Custom Broker, our customs bond platform is built to organize and save for our partners.
  • Bonds, it’s what we started with and plan to continue. Whether our partner is an airline, freight forwarder, importer, warehouse or trucker. We service all types of customs and FMC bonds for the industry.