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NETbonds was established in the laundry room of CEO/Founder of Derk Saltzmann. As a side gig, Derk worked early mornings and late nights on building NETbonds, with Customs Bonds and then ISF. In August 2017, Derk left his main employer to pursue NETbonds full time. As our team expands, our commitment to great customer service and innovative solutions will only get better.

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NETbonds Future

Our goal is to create a platform where all forwarding, customs and logistics activities can be performed via our platform. This is not to take away from the personal interaction of our members with our clients but a way forward where where NETbonds offers a more integrated way of communication. Always with better service in mind.

NETbonds Culture

At NETbonds, our clients are our partners. Our professional services & supply chain experts understand when we do better our clients do better, and the circle of business expands. Our clients will benefit from our deep knowledge of the logistics industry’s best practices and years of experience. Additionally, we understand that we evolve through our clients input and their ever-expanding requirements. Through their feedback, we have been able to optimize our platform which is ever evolving. We have had the luxury to learn & grow alongside many of our long-standing clients and we know our success is intertwined with theirs.

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NETbonds Mission statement

NETbonds is an inter-active logistics platform that not only services our clients, but helps them understand their costs, logistics flow and to be their one stop shop for all their logistics needs. That our platform becomes our client’s sole logistics hub and where they can manage all their logistic activities.

NETBonds Team

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Bond Manager

Derk Saltzmann
310-697-3027 Ext. 301
CA Ins Lic# OM15317

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Valentina Nocentini
310-697-3027 Ext. 309

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General Inquiries


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